Dr. Julia RIedmeier is a luxury brand strategist and lecturer/ADJUNCT PROFESSOR in Luxury Brand Management – located in Munich and the french riviera. As the founder and CEO of CODE \ LUXE, she advises international luxury brands on BRAND AND SUSTAINABILITY strategies for the future, mainly in the automotive, jewelry & watches, and yachting industry. 

Julia has the vision to drive change in the luxury industry and make a positive impact. She connects company owners, CXOs, and key decision-makers across the luxury industry to learn from each other and collaboratively work on future strategies.

At CODE \ LUXE, Julia advises international luxury leaders and companies on strategies to make their brands future-ready. At COLLECTIVE \ LUXE, she matches the right people and companies. Besides her advisory and business matchmaking activities, Julia holds the leadership for the master module “Luxury Management” at Munich Business School and educates the next Gens as an adjunct professor at the International University of Monaco.

Prior, Dr. Julia Riedmeier has worked with Hermès in communication and retail, has sharpened her profile through diverse projects in the luxury beauty, living, jewelry and watch industry. Julia studied International Business in Berlin, Munich, Monaco, and Shanghai with a focus on Luxury Brand Management.

Dr Julia Riedmeier Code Luxe founder

The future of luxury is collaborative and sustainable!

– Dr. Julia Riedmeier

–– Module leader “Luxury Management”: Munich Business School

–– Adjunct professor: International University of Monaco

–– Jury member: business plan competition Mark Challenge

–– +10 years of experience in the luxury industry

–– Founder and CEO of CODE \ LUXE and COLLECTIVE \ LUXE

–– Strategy consultant and adviser as Luxury Expert

–– Think tank member: online magazine Haus von Eden

–– Co-Publisher of own studies, research in high-ranked journals

–– Expert for documentaries, articles on luxury and sustainability

–– (Keynote) speaker at conferences

–– Panel moderator

–– Panelist

Dr. Julia Riedmeier is a member of the “Arts & Nature Social Club” and “YPY Monaco“, plus a partner of the “Water Revolution Foundation“.

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