Julia Riedmeier


Reshaping luxury. Inspiring and elevating brands and luxury professionals.

Dr. Julia Riedmeier advises international luxury brands and start-ups on brand strategies for the future – mainly in the automotive, jewelry & watches, perfume, and yachting industry. 

Besides her advisory activities, Julia is an affiliate professor at the International University of Monaco (IUM) and is in charge of the master module “Luxury Brand Management” at Munich Business School.

In her studies, she constantly challenges the status quo of luxury, the brands, and the role of their managers, and points out strategies to bring the brand to the future.

Dr. Julia Riedmeier seamlessly blends her international knowledge and experience of the industry with academia, especially with the young generation and (U)HNWIs.


Ambassador of the Monaco Capital of Advanced Yachting.
Board member of Young Professionals in Yachting (YPY) Monaco.
Jury member of business plan competition “The Mark Challenge” by the IUM.
Member of the “Arts & Nature Social Club“.
Supporter of the “Water Revolution Foundation“.
Think tank member of online magazine Haus von Eden.

Expert in TV documentaries and articles on luxury and sustainability.
(Keynote) speaker at conferences.
Moderator of panel discussions.

Julia studied International Business in Berlin, Munich, Monaco, and Shanghai with a focus on Luxury Management. She was fortunate to have worked with Hermès in communication and retail at the beginning of her career.

Learning. Inspiration. Elevation.

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Impressions from behind the scenes of documentary filmings and ongoing learning journeys to the experiential study trip “The Monaco luxury code of today and tomorrow” organized for the International University of Monaco and CREA Geneva, to moderations of various events like for Cartier, Bayerischer Hof, or at METSTRADE.


a selection of the most recent ones


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